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Synthetic Hair Wig Vanessa Toby

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Item Number : TOBY
Regular Price $34.99
Sams Price $9.99

Total Price $ 9.99
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Synthetic Hair Wig Vanessa Toby

Hair Color Shown : V30 - Hair Color Shown : V30 -
Hair Color Shown : V30 - Hair Color Shown : V30 -
Hair Color Shown : V30 - Hair Color Shown : V30 -
Hair Color Shown : V30 - Hair Color Shown : V30 -
Hair Color Shown : V30 - Hair Color Shown : V30 -
Hair Color Shown : V30 - Hair Color Shown : V30 -


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  • review
    | This Toby Unit Is So Eye-catching

    Sheila [ 07/17/2016 ]
    I love this unit! I have purchased three in the same color, V613. Wearing this unit garnered me so much attention every time I wore it. Toby has my seal of approval. I wish I could find this style on in human hair!
  • | Beautiful

    Amy [ 07/15/2014 ]
    I am a Caucasian woman and I ordered this wig in the v613 and it looks great. I like edgy, fashionable looks and this wig gives me that. Love it!
  • | gorgeous

    Sheila [ 04/14/2013 ]
    This wig is the biz-niss!! I ordered this in V613 and I''ve changed my name to Miss Thang! (Note to mrs.thang, I feel you girl "rockin it!") But seriously, the hair is almost baby fine, and after wearing a couple of days it is already beginning to look a little gnarly. It sheds some too, which is a little embarrasing to see clumps like something isn''t sewn all the way down. The inside cap is beautifully done in an attractive yellow which I''ve never seen on wigs, so maybe that''s why the hefty price for this one ($25.99) even though that''s the sale price. I like the scalp detailing in the top which allows for parting at more than one angle. I''m thankful the cap can fit my big head because I have a full head of hear. With all that said, I think I would purchase again even at this "sale" price. And if money were no object I''d purchase 2, 3, or 4 more today, loving it that much and yes, I would recommend it, but you have been forwarned.
  • | gorgeous

    Adrienne [ 07/09/2012 ]
    This wig is very cute. I do wish I would have ordered it in color. I have 1B. It''s still cute, but I think this wig will stand out more in color. I''m dealing with strands of hair that stick up. Hopefully after a while, they''ll lay down better. I''m trying to avoid holding spray on the wig.
  • | poor

    lawanda [ 03/04/2012 ]
    I like this unit, its nice i have a 1b and its cute i like it because its versatile.Again ladies dnt go by the look of the models make sure it fits your head and the shape of your face.the platinum and black makes the toby look really hot.But i have the 1b and its still rockin, so this piece i rate it 5stars

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Synthetic Hair Wig Vanessa Toby

Synthetic Hair Wig Vanessa Toby

review rate
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