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Synthetic Lace Front Wig Sensationnel Christine

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Item Number : LSCHR
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Synthetic Lace Front Wig Sensationnel Empress Christine

It can't be a wig. So comfortable, natural, and youthful, it's hard to believe that this is a wig.

The advanced hand-knotting technique creates a totally natural hairline. No tape or glue is required, for easy self-application. And it can be styled as a ponytail or updo, for multiple looks.

Sensationnel's Lace Wig is a celebrity's best kept secret for you to now experience first hand. Only from Sensationnel.

Easy Self-Application Step by Step Instruction

  • Position the wig and secure the front combs into your hair.
  • starting from the side, cut the excess lace off.
  • Pull down the back part of the wig and secure the back comb into place

    Total Record 4
    • | gorgeous

      Jasmine [ 10/14/2012 ]
      i got this wig in the hairstore i love it omg... i had it for months and it still looks good i wash and condition it.. it has a good amount of parting space too
    • | poor

      yolanda [ 12/04/2011 ]
      i have bought this wig twice. the first time i just thought maybe i had a bad wig because i couldn't get the style to work for me. so i waited again and saw on a couple of other sights how other people was giving this wig rave reviews. so i bought another to give it a try. like the first time, the style was not right, as nicci stated in her review, no matter how i tried to make it mine, i just couldn't. i usually ended up pulling this one out when the others ones had worn out. she became a back up and even then i would wear it pulled back with the bangs out. to the ladies who could make this work, i commend you. but it wasn't for me.
    • | poor

      Nicole [ 07/07/2011 ]
      Oh! I 4got 2 mention, that two main reasons I purchased her is because my "Serena" was such a success & I figured she would b great for the hot months. Christine, not so much. Again the length and texture nice; but the style isn't. I really tried ladies. I will put her back in her box. Hopefully I will get inspired and pull her out again and attempt to "work some magic"! Lol
    • | poor

      Nicole [ 07/07/2011 ]
      I have been eyeing Christine since I began wearing wigs & lace fronts; which has been a year due to hairloss from an illness that I am in recovery from....I would like to say that my application process/styling techniques are much better and continues to improve. So I was so disappointed that I really could NOT make this one work. I finger combed her; rt 2 lt; fr 2 bk! And 2 my avail-NOTHING worked. U can't even put heat on her :( The hair is nice, but the style is not so nice. If you are a miracle worker w/ a mad styling technique, then this one is 4 u! Not worth the hassle....n my opinion! The $ here is the avg....too much work!

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    Synthetic Lace Front Wig Sensationnel Christine

    Synthetic Lace Front Wig Sensationnel Christine

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